The Board

The board of the guild holds responsibility over the finance and activities of the guild. The board is chosen in the general meeting in November for a one calender year at a time. The officers act as help for the board. 

The entire executive board can be reach with email taraki(at) 

Emails of different teams: 


You can also reach the members of the executive board easily in telegram! 



Riku Riiheläinen

Vice Chair, Study Organizer

Iida-Mari Ranta

Business co-operation organizer

Joona Tuominen


Aino Angervo


Riikka Lepistö

Events Organizer

Lotta Varjola

Anniversary party organizer

Tuuli Taipale


Lasse Tiura


Niko Kauppi

Sauna ferry captain

Kalle Mäki

Master of Excursions

Arttu Lähde

Sports and wellbeing organizer

Lotta Kokkonen


Hosts help

Paavo Lemmetyinen

Treasurers help

Inka Kinnunen

Fuksi officer

Julianna Toikka

Fuksi officer

Jenna Vieras

International fuksi officer

Sampsa Seppälä

Business co-operation officer 

Niklas Mäkelä

Business co-operation officer 

Oskari Ovaskainen

Events officer

Tiia Leppänen

Events officer

Amanda Sulkava

Events officer

Patrick Holmberg

Sauna ferry officer

Jasper Kunnas

Excursion help

Nuutti Uggelberg

Sports and wellbeing officer

Anni Kalmari

Anniversary party officer

Mirva Kallström

Social media officer, Chief editor, graphics officer

Laura Tertsunen

Culture officer, TEK guild liaison, RIL guild liaison

Rudolf Võrk

ATK responsible, guild room responsible

Matti Tiitola

Equality officer, International affairs officer

Minni Leskinen

Alumni officer

Helmi Orastie


Hot wheels officer

Olli Kaakinen

Guild’s Laura

Laura Heino

The Board 

The board is the guilds official administration, which is, by the rules, responsible of the guilds operation. 

The Chair – Leads the board of the guild, represents the guild in different occasions, keeps it all together. 

Secretary – Takes care of documenting the conversations and decisions made in the meetings. 

Host – Organises the guilds sauna evenings, takes care of the guilds refreshments and equipment. 

Anniversary party organiser – Organises the anniversary party together with the anniversary party officer and a separate anniversary party commitee. 

Fuksi captain – Takes care of the fuksis (new students), organises tutoring of the guild, organises the welcome week and other fuksi events. 

Study organiser – Takes care of the guilds educational affairs and the students advocacy, maintains the exam archive. 

Events organiser – Organises the guilds events and leads the events team. 

Business co-operation organiser – Developes and maintains the business co-operation of the guild. Works with businesses making co-operation deals, new event possibilities and brings awareness of the businesses to the guild and information of TARAKI to the businesses. 

Master of Excursions – Organises excursions, study trips, for the guild. 

Treasurer – Takes care of the finances of the guild. 

Sauna ferry captain – Takes care of the sauna ferry of TARAKI and its renting. Traditionally also organises the trip to Sulkavan Suursoudut. 

The Officers

The help and officer tasks are working together along with the official board with the same purposes. The main responsibility is with the official board by rules, but in practice the organiser and officer work together as they like regarding the responsibility, division of tasks and ideation. 

Treasurers help – Helps the treasurer to take care of the finances of the guild and its accounting, bills, money transfers and budget. 

Events officer – Helps to organise and develope the guilds events. The events team maintains traditional events and creates new ones. 

Hosts help – Helps to organise the sauna evenings of the guild, and takes care of the beverages to them. 

Anniversary party officer – Is the anniversary party organisers right hand person and helps to organise the anniversary party.  

Excursion help – Helps the master of excursions to organise and plan the excursion. 

Business co-operation officer – Helps the business co-operation organiser with the guils business co-operation. Helps to organise RAYT 

Fuksi officer – Is in charge of the new fuksis and tutoring. Takes care of the welcome week and fuksi activities over the year. Gets to be dipped in Tammerkoski again! Fuksi officer is an exception to others, as they have a bigger role than the fuksi captain in their first year. 

Sports and wellbeing organiser – Maintains and developes the guilds sports and wellbeing activities. Takes care of the guilds sport time slots, inspires to take part in sports events, and organises experiments to different types of sports. 

Sports and wellbeing officer – Helps to maintain and develope tha guilds sports and wellbeing activities. 

Guild room officer – Takes care of the guild rooms utilities and general cleanness. Gets coffee and snacks to the guild room. 

Chief editor – Plans and lays out the guilds paper. Is responsible of the distribution and development of the paper. Invents ideas together with the executive board.  

Graphic – Plans the graphics for the paper, social media and other general use. Lays out the paper together with the chief editor. 

Sauna ferry officer – Helps the sauna ferry organiser with organising the Sulkavan Suursoudut and with the renting of the sauna ferry. 

TEK guild liaison – Acts as the liaison between the guild and TEK. Brings TEKs activities to the guilds events and everyday life e.g. with sausages. 

Culture officer – Acts ad the guilds Songmaster, holds museum tours and is responsible for the guilds overall patches. 

Alumni officer – Developes the guilds alumni activities. Acts together with graduated TARAKI members, organises e.g. the alumni event. 

International affairs officer – Is responsible of the international students and activities. 

IT officer – Is responsible of the guilds IT, IT-equipment and online services. 

Social media officer – Developes and updates the guilds social media together with the rest of the executive board. 

Consultant – Acts as the executive boards support and shares their wisdom to newer officers. 

The Boards 1971-2020

The boards and officers of earlier years are available in the file: TARAKI RAADIT 1971-2020