TARAKI regularly organizes events suitable for every taste. In the past years the guild has held some legendary events, like Moska’s World Championships, anniversary parties in October, sauna evenings, sitsis, excursions and much more. 

Sports trial - karting

On the last sports trial of the year we go Karting on the magnificent 400 m court at Ideapark. We get to compete who’s the best driver of TARAKI.
There are 15 spots available, the fastest registrations will get in.
The event is alcohol free.

Registration starts on 4 December at 11 am and well end latest on 7 December.

WHAT: Karting sports trial
WHERE: Ideapark (Ideaparkinkatu 4, 37570 Hulikankulma)
WHEN: Wednesday 13 December at 5:30 pm
REGISTRATION: Here, 4 December at 11 am
WHY: ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Sports trial - Pistol shooting

Now you have a change to try pistol shooting.

Sports trial at Osmonkallion ampumarata on Monday 23.10. at 8pm.

Registration starts on Monday 16.10. at 12pm on TARAKI website. 

The event is alcohol free!!

Questions? TG: @lottakokkonen

Pub checkpoint round 28.9.

Pub checkpoint round is here again on the 28th of September, this year with reinforcements! In addition to MIK, TARAKI, Autek and KoRK we have TARAKI’s profession clubs Nurjahdus, TRATTA and Liittymä and of course TEK on board!

At the pub checkpoint round paired students go through pubs and bars in Hervanta in interdisciplinary groups, and by completing the checkpoints get points and stamps on their round cards. The round is on at 17-20 o’clock, and it doesn’t require buying drinks from the bars! The round ends in Potti, where the best pairs are rewarded with amazing awards sponsored by TEK! From Potti the evening continues to hot and steamy Senssi party!!

The participation fee is 10€/pair, and afterparty tickets are included in the price. The guild-specific sign-ups open on 21.9. at 14.00 on, TARAKI’s sign-up is found behind this link. Please note that you sign up in PAIRS, and every organizing guild has their own sign-up. One of the pair must be a member of the guild you sign up via.

Any questions? DM us on Telegram:
TARAKI’s events responsible Laura Tertsunen @tertsunen or KoRK’s events responsible Elina Jaatinen @Ellujaa

Fall hike 22.-23.9.

Do you want a break from everyday life? Join TARAKIs annual autumn hike! This year’s trip takes us to Helvetinjärvi National Park. The hike lasts only one night and covers about 15 kilometers in varied terrain. We will depart from Hervanta on Friday morning and return on Saturday afternoon.

Participation costs 10€, which includes transportation, two warm meals, and one breakfast. Registration opens on Monday, September 11th. You can sign up on the registration tab (“Ilmoittautuminen” under “Tapahtumat”) on TARAKIs website, and registrations will be accepted for a week or until all spots are filled. The event is organized in collaboration with Sitowise and RIL.

The guild doesn’t provide rental equipment, but a Telegram group will be created among participants to discuss sharing things like tents and camping stoves.