For new students

Hi civil engineering fuksi! 

Fuksi = a new student (used in Finnish Universities) 

Congratulations on behalf of your study place, and welcome as a member of Tampereen Rakentajakilta, TARAKI. Before your studies begin it’s good to take care of a few things, because the first weeks will be packed with new information. 

At our Universitys website you can find Welcome new university students! where you will find all important information for starting your university path. There are the necessary steps put clearly. The welcome week starts on the 21st of August, and before that you don’t have to know anything, just show up, we will guide you through everything! 

Join the TARAKI International Fuksis 2023 –fuksigroup in Telegram. All relevant and current information will be updated to the group.  

The University life here in Finland is different from what you might be used to. Especially on the first week you might want to keep your calender empty of other activities. There will be a lot of getting to know one another and different types of activities for all evenings, and it’s good to participate on them, because it’s easiest to get to know your student colleagues on the first week. Your own tutors will be there for you as your support and guidance during the first weeks and throughout the entire first year when in comes to your studies and questions about the university life in general. The tutors will gladly help you, so don’t dwell on your problems on your own. You will meet your tutors right away in 21.8. On the first week you will be doing stuff closely with your tutoring groups, so you should arrive on site on Monday. 

If you have questions before the welcome weeks, you can ask them in Telegram, or ask me directly in email or in telegram @therauvala.  

Enjoy your fuksiyear, you will experience it only once! 

Jenna Rauvala 
International tutoring organiser 2023–2024