TARAKI in English

TARAKI, or Tampereen Rakentajakilta ry, is a guild for students of Civil Engineering at the University of Tampere. TARAKI was founded in 1967 and is therefore the oldest guild in the university. It’s also one of the largest guilds with approximately 300-400 members. TARAKI’s guild room is located in the Building-building’s room RH209. As a member of TARAKI, you can get free coffee from the guild room and participate in all of the guild’s events.

TARAKI organizes all kinds of events for its members, including sitsit (academic table party), sports, Sulkavan suusoudut (traditional rowing event) and sauna evenings. There is also a sauna-ferry available for members to rent.

We are currently working on this page. More info in English coming soon.

You can join TARAKI by paying the yearly 5€ membership fee. You can pay the fee in two ways.


      1. Pay 5€ and put the code 22346 as the receiver.
      2. Confirm that the next phase says “TARAKI KILTAMAKSU 5e”
      3. Add your information as a comment: “Your whole name, your TUNI-email address, your hometown”
      4. Send the payment
      5. You’ll get a confirmation for the payment in MobilePay
      6. The board of TARAKI accepts you as a member in its next meeting


Bank transfer

  1. Pay 5€ in the online bank for TARAKI

Information for the transfer:

Receiver: Tampereen Rakentajakilta ry

Account number: FI88 5730 0820 9408 03

Reference number: 6130

Amount: 5€

2. Fill the following form (currently available only in Finnish) https://forms.gle/THEtaR8vX4uZxdCc8

3. The board of TARAKI accepts you as a member in its next meeting